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Illegal sub-letting not tolerated



07 | 09 | 2001

By-laws of MCST Plan no. 395

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Pearlbank still special after all these years

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The Straits Times

Pearlbank owners bank on conservation order

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7 September 2001 |


Amendments have been made against overcrowding. See the management for specifics.


All Residents

No.1 Pearl Bank

Pearlbank Apartments

Singapore 169016



Dear Sir/Mdm



Re: Unauthorized/ Illegal Use of Premises


There has been an increase in the number of complaints regarding the unauthorized use of premises. These range from illegal use as boarding house, dormitory and the like to overcrowding. Arising thereof safety, comfort and convenience of owners and authorized residents are adversely affected. Towards this end, everyone should help and do their best to eradicate illegal use of premises. Your support and co-operation will help to enhance the image of Pearlbank.


We wish to take this opportunity to highlight to those who have allowed illegal use of their premises that besides infringing the provisions of the Land Titles Strata Act, the laws of the authorities, they have also breached the By-Laws of MCST Plan No. 395 (Pearlbank). Amongst other rules, regulations and By-Laws currently in force, we wish to bring your attention to the following By-Laws, which have over the years been adopted by the Management Corporation.


Clause 2

A Subsidiary Proprietor of a Lot shall notify the Tenant, Lessee or Occupier of his Lot of all laws, rules, regulations (collectively “laws”) and all By-Laws, rules, regulations, resolutions, notices and directives governing the use and enjoyment of the common property and/ or his lot (collectively “By-Laws”) as shall be provided by law and passed and/ or issued by the Management Corporation or its agents or any competent governmental and/ or authority from time to time. The Subsidiary Proprietor shall comply and ensure his Tenant, Lessee, or Occupier complies with all laws and By-Laws, rules, regulations, notices and directives and shall indemnify the Management Corporation and/ or its agents against all loses, damages, expenses an costs (including legal costs on an indemnity basis and administrative costs) resulting from and/ or incidental to any breach or non-observance thereof.


Clause 87

A subsidiary proprietor or occupier of a lot shall use for the purpose it was designated for.


As such housing units shall be used only as private residential dwellings and shall not be used for commercial purposes. Similarly commercial units shall not be used for residential purpose or for purposes other than which it was intended to be used.


Clause 88

A subsidiary proprietor of occupier of a lot shall not use his lot for any purpose (illegal or otherwise) which may be or becomes injurious or detrimental to the reputation, privacy or value of Pearlbank Apartments.


The Management Corporation or its managing agents reserves the right to enter upon the lot where it is reasonably suspected that the unit is used for such purposes.


A subsidiary proprietor who has been informed that his unit is being leased and used for such purpose or who persistently leased this unit for such purpose as is he used his unit as such.


Clause 116

Security access cards are registered under their respective unit numbers and are not transferable. The Management Corporation or its agents reserve all the rights to disable the access card and their deposit forfeited if subsidiary proprietors or occupiers are caught abusing or cheating.


The Council of the Management Corporation has a duty to enforce the By-Laws on illegal use of premises.


You are therefore requested to regularize the use of your premises within fourteen days from the date of this circular or face enforcement action. Be mindful that besides being penalized, the offender shall also have to bear full legal costs of the Management Corporation’s action which shall be substantial.

Please give in your full co-operation.


Yours Faithfully,
The Estate Manager


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