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VIP Magazine

Singapore Playboy, [Rabbithead Enterprises Pte Ltd] shoots the centerfold for the launch issue of VIP at Pearlbank Apartments

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Girl On A Mission




"Smile" is Tiffany's favorite word, and it is little wonder why. Sweet, young but definitely not just another pretty face, Tiffany boasts the immaculate poise of a mature model wrapped with a bubbly demeanor and girlish buckle. Armed with a luminescent set of pearly whites, chocolate locks and a winsomeness framed by the softest lips this shade of candy floss, Tiffany wields an approachable appeal that is elusive to many emerging stars; the kind that makes every girl want to be her BFF, and every guy secretly covet her. Her child-like innocence, though belies the many years of working experience she's chalked up.


Having worked through odd jobs such as waitressing at a restaurant to being a childcare minder at a gym at the ripe old age of 12, Tiffany remains sanguine and candid about working and living in the public eye these days. Especially since it's rumored she's dating celebrity magician, David Blaine. This media-savvy girl simply smiled and refused to answer questions on her relationship.


According to Tiffany, she has a few tricks up her slender sleeves herself but argues how magic has "never been one of her interests." She is certainly rapt with attention and all ears, when watching magicians perform - no prizes for guessing who her favorite magician is. Magic does fascinate and enthrall her as it brings out the child-like naïveté and childish spirit in everyone. "Magic is a good form of escapism and it helps you to question and wonder how it was done! There is only one so much the human rationale can explain about life's mysteries and magic is a great tool to merge reality and fantasy and making the impossible, possible!"

Then, magically, she turns the topic of conversation to her other love - travel. We hear, from the grapevine, she was recently in Cambodia with a certain magician. But her thrills of travel come from trekking the off-the-beaten paths and exotic, or undiscovered locations, she says, "I hate the crass commercialism of tourist spots or oft-mentioned and over-rated romantic spots! I preferred the temples, shrines, floating villages and ancient ruins of Cambodia!"

Besides the occasional break, she remains focused and determined in furthering her career. She claims, "I'd probably still be lounging or chilling doing aimless modeling around the city if I hadn't read Man's Search For Meaning [Viktor Frankl's 1946 book that chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and describes his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live].

It has also helped in managing her anger. "When you are modeling as a teen, you are basically surrounded by a bunch of miserable girls and self-absorbed people who are only wasting their time by being wrapped in indulgent self-pity! I'm glad that I have good friends who help me through the tough times and dark periods!" Talk about baggage.

Turning to a different kind of baggage, she says weight is not a problem, and she doesn't really exercise. "Exercise? No. I'm not very sporty. My exercise is eating biscuits in front of the television". Tiffany admits that most of the models she knows that are very thin have some issue with food. If healthy sized models dominated the runways, the public would be much more accepting and interested in the fashion world, she quips. A nonchalant response, but untypical of a model who chooses to be headstrong, tenacious and cynical; staying unconventionally puerile and pristine amid the decadent excesses of fashion and media.



 16 | 02 | 2009

Architect Tan Cheng Siong interviewed at Penthouse One Pearlbank


The story of Pearlbank : 'Architecture' Episode 1 airing on Chanel 5 in December

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 19 | 02 | 2008

FORM magazine features Pearlbank Penthouse One

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 23 | 09 | 2007

Penthouse One is featured in the October issue of Condé Nast Traveler

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08 | 09 | 2007

Penthouse One is featured in the Business Times, Singapore

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08 | 09 | 2007

30+ Building Botox

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The original Pearlbank Sales Brochure

ca. 31 | 12 | 1972

Hock Seng Enterprises (Pte) Ltd

English text

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The original groovy Pearlbank Show flat

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5th April , 2009

The Bunny Comes to Town !


Text  Tristan Chan; Photographer Justin Jonah NG; Styling Fazillah Abdul Gaffa; Assisted by Gerald Tan; Hair and Make Up Kel Liew using Shue Uemura; VIP Playmate of the Month | Miss April | Tiffany Livingston © 2015 all rights reserved

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