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30+ Building Botox

Older, iconic buildings in Singapore can be useful in todays' society. All it takes is forward thinking, and brave politicians to change outdated laws.

This page was intended to become a platform for introducing new ideas for older buildings, regardless of current plot ratios, building control heights or other hindrances on creativity. The images on this page are 100% fantasy.

Send us your ideas - we will add them here is honored to include a sketch by Mr. Tan Cheng Siong, the architect of pearlbank - offering his take on an extension to the property, increasing the density of this inner city site to a level never before seen in Singapore.

We challenge URA to re-zone this property so that the original tower remains - restored, and allowing a developer to seek gains : a win-win situation for all.




 09| 02 | 2008

The Financial Times features Pearlbank

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08 | 09 | 2007

Penthouse One is featured in Condé Nast Traveler, October 2007

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08 | 09 | 2007

Penthouse One is featured in the Business Times, Singapore

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WES Canada [Wind Energy Solutions]


On 12th September 2008, Penthouse One was honored by the presence of Mr. Tan Cheng Soing, architect of Pearlbank Apartments for the filming of a new Channel 5 mini series called 'Listen to our Walls' to air 6th January 2008 at 7:30 pm. The after-party was a very lively conversation regarding the current Singapore GFA regulations. is pleased to include a sketch by the master himself, to our 30+ Building Botox page.........


above visual : copyright Tan Cheng Siong


Pearlbank with a new studio tower wing added over the existing carpark. The new glass tower is a direct dimension of the void space created by the horseshoe shaped Pearlbank.


above visual : copyright


Pearlbank with a new studio tower wing added in place of the under-used carpark. Original tower restored to 1970's condition, but clad with gleaming white metal panels. The opposing new tower block is clad with photo-voltaic glass to energize all common corridor lighting, as most of the facade faces directly west.



Pearlbank with curved white metal panels suspended in front of the existing facade to form a new layer - masking aircon units and placing the miss-matched windows into shadow to minimize the effects of their various colors and designs.

above visual : copyright | Ed Poole AIA, with permissions



'Pearlbank 88' | skydecks at level 28 + 56 | Wind turbines at the roofs 89th level generate power for public + residential lighting. Wind power can reduce pollution generated by fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas. A typical (750 kW) wind turbine provides enough power for 328 typical (non-AC cooled) homes. Pearlbanks' 8 turbines sends power back to the city grid as well.

above visual : copyright | David DeRolf, with permissions




27.07.09 Pearlbank with WES [Wind Energy Solutions] turbines placed on the roof © 2009 all rights reserved

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